FREE Ice Cream Math Matches

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I think I have summer on my mind because I was thinking about ice cream cones and thought this would be a fun way for kids to practice their math! So I created some FREE Ice Cream Math Matches!

Everyone likes ice cream, right? My kids think it’s fantastic when they see huge ice cream cones, stacked high with scoops at the ice cream shops. In these ice cream math matches, they get to scoop their own ice cream onto the cones and build three scoop, two scoop, or one scoop ice cream cones. It’s like their own little ice cream shop!

I created this game to be used for little ones or a little older children. The game can grow with them! The beginner level can put one scoop on by counting the sprinkles on the scoop and match it to the number on the cone.

The next level or scoop would be addition. They will add one number to their number to find the correct cone.

The third scoop would be subtraction. Learning how to take one number away from their number to find the correct ice cream cone.

They can add scoops as they are ready to move on to the next step in their math practice. You can use whichever scoops you want or mix them up for an extra challenge!

All you have to do is print these FREE Ice Cream Math Matches on your printer and cut out! I would print them on card stock and laminate for longer use.

Ice Cream Math Match

Addition Scoops for Ice Cream Math Match


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Enjoy your Ice Cream Math Match!


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